Aspetuck Rugby

Established in 2012 (boys), Aspetuck Valley has quickly made a name for itself as a premier club. In 2020 the club made the decision to add a girls high school side and burst onto the scene quickly becoming one of Connecticut's most successful teams achieving a national ranking of 27 in their first official year of competition.

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March 2022 - 3/13 vs. North Bay (@Morris), 3/27 vs. West Carroll (pending)

April 2022 - 4/3 vs. Doylestown, 4/10 vs. Morris

May 2022 -

June 2022 - EGRL Championships @ Mid-Atlantic Women's Rugby Showcase, June 11/12, Clinton, NJ


Pecks Lane - 31 Pecks Lane, Newtown, CT 06470 (Google Maps Link Here)

Andrea Hamilton#3, 4, 6Select Side, EIRA4 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Halle Hunt#7, 10, 12Select Side5 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Kaylan Jernigan#1-8Committed @Am. International C4 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Avonlea Wood#4, 6, 8, 10Select Side 4 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Caydi Hill#1-8 2 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Molly McNeil#14-15 2 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Rachel Camiglio#2, 5, 142 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Amber Makowski#4-62 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Juliana Mourao#2, 42 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Eliza Rollinson#5, 142 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Jayden Smith#12/133 Years Exp.CIPP Active
April Torres#6, 8Select Side, EIRA2 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Jennie Weiner#6, 10Select Side, EIRA3 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Bailey Wheeler#11, 142 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Cara Doherty#7, 10, 11, 144 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Elle Hutton#1-63 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Olivia Niedayech#1, 3-51 Year Exp.
Reese Smith#14-152 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Kashera Stewart#1-6 2 Yrs Exp.
Della Temple#11, 14, 152 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Ella Venables#9/105 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active