Listed as an NCAA "Emerging Sport", Women's Rugby is working toward full recognition which requires 40 varsity programs. The NIRA is leading the charge. Click on the image or link above to visit their page.

National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) is an evolution of the National Small College Rugby Organization and now represents programs of all sizes. In terms of number of teams, NCR is the largest collegiate rugby governing body in the US. Click on the picture or link to view their page.

The College Rugby Association of America rounds out the 3 governing bodies for Women's Collegiate Rugby, listing 42 teams on their website.

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For more than 40 years, rugby has been deeply woven into the student life experience at St. Bonaventure, a tradition that has grown stronger each decade as the program has elevated from a regional power to the highest level on the national stage. 

In collegiate rugby terms, St. Bonaventure might be considered a "super club" as they enjoy varsity level benefits including a professional staff (full time coach, strength and conditioning, access to physio, and more) as well as developmental opportunities for newer players, structured academic & admissions support and more, but retain a club status within the university giving their players an active leadership role in team governance. SBU Rugby is a member of NCR in the Upstate NY Conference.

Interested Athletes should complete the WOMEN'S RUGBY RECRUITMENT FORM and

For additional information, please contact Coach Meredith Pyke by email or phone (484) 942-6386