Charlotte Cardinals

The Charlotte Cardinals have quickly emerged as one of the premier girls HS rugby programs in the eastern US after their 2021 inaugural season. They are known for well disciplined and firm rugby on the pitch and a great commitment to the culture that makes rugby so unique and great off it. We expect them to establish themselves as a major force within the EGRL.

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Lucy BryantForward, 4 Yr Exp
Monica CesconForward, 3 Yr Exp
Caroline CookBack, 7 Yr ExpSelect Side
Alexa KirschnerCaptainBack, 4 Yr ExpSelect Side
Nathaly OliveraBack, 1 Yr Exp
Jemmely RiveraBack, 8 Yr Exp
Joelle TaylorForward, 7 Yr Exp
Amelie VlamynckForward, 3 Yr Exp
Addison BooneBack, 1 Yr ExpCIPP Active
Raechel CopeBack, 3 Yr ExpSelect Side
Ai EbisawaForward, 3 Yr ExpSelect Side
Maia KoppanyForward, 1 Yr ExpSelect Side
Kenna Grace MillerBack, 3 Yr Exp
Charlyze PattersonForward, 3 Yr Exp
Sarah Scott VoglesongerForward, 6 Yr Exp
Sara ButlerForward, 1 Yr ExpSelect Side
Arabella CumminsForward, 1 Yr Exp
Kendra ElderBack, 2 Yr Exp
Sarah FutchBack, 1 Yr Exp
Lena HartBack, 1 Yr Exp
Maggie MagnumBack, 1 Yr Exp
Jeinndy Rivas RamirezForward, 6 Yr Exp
Ruthie ShawForward, 1 Yr Exp
Julia HecklingBack, 1 Yr Exp
Campbell HelmanForward, 1 Yr Exp
Rachel SchwartzForward, 1 Yr ExpSelect Side
Karla SwartForward, 1 Yr Exp
Anna EversoleBack, 6 Yr ExpAll EGRLSelect Side
Keaghan KelseyBack, 1 Yr Exp
London KeyBack, 4 Yr ExpSelect Side