Wando Wahines Rugby

From one of the top teams in the region comes the premier team from South Carolina, the Wando Wahines. This is a passionate rugby squad who plays from the heart. Opponents who know the Wahines expect strong efforts from the opening whistle until the final whistle sounds. 

Email Wando Wahinies Rugby: wando@egrl.org


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Peri DessnerWing/Fullback, 4 Yr Exp
Anna Claire HughesLock, 4 Yr Exp
Izzy IrwinProp, 1 Yr Exp
Gabriella KleinLock, 4 Yr Exp
Amelia OvermanHook, 3 Yr ExpCaptain
Karina RaykovaCenter, 3 Yr ExpCaptain
Cambridge SurchNo. 8, 4 Yr ExpCaptain
Mary ArthurCenter, 2 Yr Exp
Austen BoselowitzLock, 1 Yr Exp
Emma CookProp, 2 Yr Exp
Cristina GeberthScrumhalf/Wing3 Yr Exp
Keira GholsonFullback, 3 Yr Exp
Reese HildFlyhalf, 3 Yr Exp
Tiyana Jovic2 Yr Exp
Mackenzie KingWing, 3 Yr Exp
Sasha LewisLock, 3 Yr Exp
Ella Litwin-ScanzaniFlanker, 3 Yr Exp
Priscilla MaaloufBack Row, 4 Yr Exp
Isabella MastenScrumhalf, 1 Yr Exp
Lucy MillerLock, 3 Yr Exp
Jenna NeumanFlanker, 3 Yr Exp
Lindsey Phillips1 Yr Exp
Marcia WelshWing, 3 Yr Exp
Lexi ZlobaFlyhalf/Wing 2 Yr Exp
Ava AckermanScrumhalf, 1 Yr Exp
Elizabeth Coleman1 Yr Exp
Olivia Fowler1 Yr Exp
Adalyn Schneider2 Yr Exp
Makenzie Shallo1Yr Exp
Margaret Twigg1 Yr Exp
Rahel Sulzer1 Yr Exp
Bridget Alford1 Yr Exp
Kingston DuniganWing, 1 Yr Exp
Amber GarrettLock, 1 Yr Exp
Kennerly LustigScrumhalf, 1 Yr Exp
Katie McAlister1 Yr Exp