North Bay Rugby

North Bay Girls Rugby is a well organized and well known competitor from Maryland. Hard runners and solid tacklers who attack and defend the breakdown well, they have had significant success over the years. After some changes in coaching at the helm, we expect new aproaches built on solid fundamentals. 

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Abigail Butterfield#10, 13, 11/146 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Hannah Butterfield#9, 11/146 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Vivian Cremeans#2, 6/75 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Greta Griese#10, 4-7CaptainALL EGRL2 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Annie Huettel#11-15CaptainUSA Pool PlayerAll EGRLCommitted Princeton4 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Ellis Lysse#11/14, 13ALL ERGL Committed Frostburg6 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Anna O'Leary#1/3, 4/5CaptainALL EGRLCommitted Brown3 Years Exp.CIPP Active
MK Wilmot#1/3, 4/5Committed Frostburg3 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Josephine Bergelt#1/3, 4/53 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Peighton Bowman#10-14Select SideEGRL Select Pool5 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Julia NorrisCenter1 Year Exp.CIPP Pending
RaeLeigh Sparzak#6/72 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Adelina Jackson#11/14, 135 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Riley Morris#11/14, 22 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Lilah Parker#4/51 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Hannah Yungandreas#11/144 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Adamarie Dominick#6/7, 131 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Paige Rasnake#12/132 Yrs Exp.CIPP Active
Jocelyn SimpsonTBD1 Yr ExpCIPP Active
Mariana Johnson#6/7 1 Years Exp.CIPP Pending
Caroline Warner#12/13 1 Years Exp.CIPP Pending