West Carroll

The West Carroll Marauders are an organized and competitive Maryland team who have a long history of success. With 13 Maryland State titles in less than 20 years as an organized side, they have been at or near the top for a very long time.

Email West Carroll Girls: westcarroll@egrl.org


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Katie Battish#10, 11, 14, 15 4 Years Exp.CIPP Active
Bella Canby#2, 6-8Select Side4 Years Exp.CIPP PendingMount St. Mary's
Brizeyda Hernandez#1 or 32 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Lily Myers#10-14 Select Side13 Years Exp.CIPP Active
GabrielaAguilar-Martinez#11/14, 6/7Select Side3 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Layla Cox#6/7, 12/132 Yr. Exp.All EGRL 2022CIPP Active
Jaleih Cruz#1-32 Year Exp.CIPP Active
MarcelaAguilar-Martinez#1-3, 6/7Select Side3 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Rebecca Balladares#12/13, 6/7Select SideUSA Player PoolAll EGRL 20224 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Lili Canby#11, 143 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Pending
Carolyn Melody#4/5, 8Select Side Player7 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Kiernan Myles#9Select SideAll EGRL 202212 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Kathryn O'Boyle#6/72 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Laida Govier#6-83 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Emily Linder#6/72 Year Exp.CIPP Active
Chloe Braunagel#1, 31 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active
Isabel Brodsky#11/14, 158 Yrs. Exp.CIPP Active